Taste & See


I have been on a kick of craving, getting and eating some exceptional, one of a kind authentic Mexican tacos lately.  I mean, who can resist that, right?  Recently my husband and I found a new little hole in the wall restaurant that has fulfilled our taste for these beautiful flavors combined!  If we aren't careful, we might just become a permanent fixture on the walls there. 

    Have you ever noticed when you have tasted or discovered something so exceptional, so fulfilling, so satisfying and delicious our natural tendencies are to keep going back for more until we have overloaded ourselves with delight?  We have heard all too often that too much of a good thing isn't good. That is so true with many things; especially food! However, with God and who he is; it is the exact opposite.  

    Have you ever experienced a worship gathering and felt such an overwhelming presence of peace? Have you ever prayed for him to answer a specific prayer day after day and just when you think all hope is gone He comes through and answers your prayer far better than you even asked him too? Have you ever received a blessing out of nowhere, but was specific to an unspokent need you had?  That's God! That's His Presence! Those are simple examples of tasting of his goodness! 

    He longs for us to draw near to him on the good days and the bad.  Those moments he comes through for us are precise ways of him feeding and filling us to overflowing; stuffing us full of the goodness of who he is. Tasting of his goodness is feasting on all that he has done and recalling his faithfulness, love and total acceptance - even on the days when we feel nothing at all. Remember, on those days, our feelings are just that, and they can not erase the factual knowledge of knowing that you have tasted of his goodness and faithfulness. Continue to feast on His Word and all that He has already done and let it overflow from the very essence of your being. When we recall those faithful moments and his goodness towards us, he calls us blessed because we have run to him!


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Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see—

how good God is.

Blessed are you who run to him. Ps 34:8 (MSG)