Reared in a family with strong faith and foundation in the Word, Jamie sees worship as a key to relationship with God. Playing and singing at the age of three, and knowing the call of God on her life since age 12, Jamie has devoted her life to furthering the Kingdom of God. The strong and powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit that flows through her talents and gifts is what stirs hearts and lives to a deeper level of intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Receiving her formal ministry training at Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI), Jamie continued to develop her passion for worship and writing songs that speak life and healing. “CFNI gave me the experience of not only being part of a ministry team locally, nationally and internationally but also recording worship that continues to have a broader impact.”

Jamie’s debut EP album, This Love, was released in June 2013. “This project is truly a testament to what continues to sustain me through every season — His LOVE. Nothing else compares!” 

Her latest album, Hidden Places, was released in 2017.  It is a raw and unrehearsed worship experience, resembling Jamie’s intimate moments around the piano. This album was birthed and released during an intense season when her husband was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease, on dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant. The Lord's sweet presence gives supernatural strength and is the testimony of her and her husband's faith during their journey.   Likewise, her hope is that Hidden Places will serve in accompanying those quiet devotional prayer times whether individually or corporately.

Jamie continues to serve as a worship leader, speaker, songwriter, mentor, coach, and consultant with various churches, next generation worship leaders/teams, training workshops, conferences and other special events across the United States. Her goal is to help facilitate a heart of worship and cultivate a servant-led ministry no matter the setting. “I was born to demonstrate, challenge and ignite passion in the broken in spirit. Through relationship and worship, we can find restoration and healing.”

In 2000, Jamie married her wonderful, fun-loving husband, Freddy. They share an irrefutable story that speaks of life, hope, and miracles through the journey of his kidney failure to transplant. They reside in the Atlanta, GA area, and both serve faithfully and whole-heartily in the church and community with a strong vision to see people come to know The Lord.