As a leader of worship, I have learned through the course of life – my “stage/platform” is more than just a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening event. More importantly, my stage/platform is my everyday life – the ins and outs of every twist and turn that come and how I walk that out. Do I display constant faith and obedience to HIS voice – even when no one else is looking or listening?

Honestly, I have experienced some successes and more times than not failures on this journey. Through the character building, the many disappointments and the small glimpses of victory along the way, it all comes down to dying to self and ultimately having the Kingdom vision – All for His Glory!

Another fact – I’m still a work in progress, but my ultimate goal as I continue to press ahead and ‘lead in worship’ on this journey (no matter how big or small the stage of life may be), is that my life will radiate HIS LIGHT and draw others unto Him.

No matter what others may categorize us as, I hope we recognize that we all have a platform and sphere of influence every day! We have a choice to ‘lead in worship’ – a lifestyle that edifies and glorifies Jesus Christ.