Joshua 1:9

I believe there is a constant pull between wanting to be embraced by people and securely embracing who and what God has ‘marked’ us to be and do.

I’ve always been adamant about NOT needing people to give me a“title” to define who I am.  I have grown to become confident in what God says about me and what He has called, chosen & declared over me and set me apart to be and to do. And that is all I need. Unfortunately, there is a tension that is created by people that often claims to define, reject and/or accept you based on if you ‘look or fit’ the mold of what you do (based on strict rules centered around acceptance i.e. style, trend, age, sound and the list goes on and on).

Two things I know were birthed within me from conception are:

1) I was born a female

2) I was created to lead and facilitate an atmosphere of worship – on and off the stage; with or without music

Actually I wrote out my life’s purpose years ago.

“I was born to demonstrate, challenge and ignite passion in the broken in spirit”

In every aspect, that purpose statement has reminded me and challenged me to live it out daily throughout the years. Some days I have failed and others I have succeeded.

I could tell more stories than we all could count of my journey on the mountains and in the valleys of being a female in ministry and even more a female worship leader. From the worlds standards, there have been some evident moments of being accepted, yet many more of being rejected.  All in all, how sweetly the Lord has used each defining moment to reiterate and confidently remind me of the Mark and Calling HE HAS DECLARED over my life.  And when all is said and done, it has been HIS VOICE that has drowned out all other voices that have tried to scream louder.

You see, I don’t need my life, ministry, calling or even the ‘Mark’ in which God has placed on my life to look like you expect it to.  In fact, I’ve come to embrace (through a lot of tears and pain) that what He has called me to do and where He calls me to will never look like what you or anyone else thinks it should.  And I am learning to be ok with that.  In fact, I’m constantly challenged to embrace it on a daily basis. Yet, for that very reason, it takes off every ounce of expectation of what I think or what you might think it should look like or be for me.  “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Prov. 16:9Simply said, HE is the One in control and who has already spoken it to be.  In that, I know, He will complete His work. His Promises never fail. He has already declared my destiny and it is a victorious one.

So I guess I write this to encourage you, or maybe the young girl who is sensing a calling on her life for ministry or in leading worship. Maybe it’s for the one who feels overlooked and forgotten.  Maybe it’s for the one, who has already sown year after year after year without any visual glimpse of reward or acceptance. Maybe for the one wondering and possibly second guessing what she feels God has placed within her.  My dear, you are not alone.  The Truth that overrides all of those feelings is this.  There has been a high calling of purpose spoken over your life since you were conceived and just like I know He is for me – I am that much more confident that HE IS FOR YOU!  There is not a single tear or cry He has not heard, nor a dream or desire He is not aware of.  He has fearfully and wonderfully made you and designed and crafted every aspect of who you are in His intricate Truth.  Do not let people define what they think God has called you to be and do. It is His Word alone that stands the test of time and will prove faithful to complete what He has declared over you. Do not lose heart.

So wether or not the world accepts us or rejects us – may we stand together in strength and courage knowing that God has the final say.  Though man may try to control, dictate or vindicate what they think or want our future to look like, once again – The LORD HAS THE FINAL SAY.  He is for us and just as His Word says “He will complete the perfect work that He began in us.” Phil. 1:6

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Joshua 1:9 NIV