Trend ~ Purpose

Do you ever find yourself in a place of feeling overwhelmed by comparison or out of control because what you have or what you do is not considered the latest and greatest?

I am sure we are all aware of this constant pull from society for the pressure to stay up to date on all the latest fads and trends from clothing, electronics, technology, careers, professions (and the list goes on).  Subconsciously, culture tells us, if we don’t have the newest gadget or sound or look like the latest thing then we are old and outdated. 

I am all for the newest fad and all the beauty and freshness that it can bring.  However, if I am not careful, I will find myself caught in the trap of the spinning trend cycle and feeling the heaviness of trying to keep up.


Even in my arena as a worship leader/pastor, there can be this pressure to emulate the latest, hottest album or write the next chart-topping song. It can be easy to get so consumed with sounding cutting edge that we forget to pause and ask God what he would have us to do or how he would like to use us next in ministering to and serving his people. 

Worship Leader or not, I believe that applies to all of us and what we do, no matter our profession or calling. We must not let trend alone persuade the why and the what of what we do. Yes, let’s be creative. Yes, let’s bring freshness. And Yes, let’s look awesome in the latest fad, but let's make His calling and His voice be what first and foremost propels our purpose into a productive and creative motion that in turn brings freshness to those around us

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" Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life."  (Galations 6:4-5)